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Deathly Greed - A Must Read

Deathly Greed. A romantic suspense novel by Dorothy M Fletcher

“A breeze wafted through the clubrooms and some of her papers floated to the floor. Laura bent down to retrieve them.

‘Let me help you.’

She sensed him squat down beside her. A pair of strong, bronzed hands came into her view, trying to scoop up the errant sheets.

She didn’t need to look up. She knew that voice, smooth, deep and so very masculine, the scent, musky with a hint of pine: the same cologne from years back.”

Laura feels as if her life is in the garbage. When Dan appears back in her life, her body betrays her by still harbouring feelings for the person she blames for many of her family’s troubles. Rumour has it that she has embezzled money from her work, and is mixed up in murder in her small town. Can she trust Dan enough to let him help her?

Go to for the links to buy this thrilling novel.

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