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The Abandoned Wives and Widows Club

Money. The root of all evil? Maybe. Definitely delicious when you have it, diabolical when you don’t. Personally, I felt relieved I would soon have money freed up for my own use.

‘Come on, Jack,’ I said out loud, ‘start turning in that grave.’

Then I had a speedy look around to make sure nobody had heard me talking to myself.

Lydia first reaction to her husband’s death was, ‘Thank goodness he’s gone . . . did I help him on his way?’ As she copes with his loss she makes new friends and finds she has more than Jack’s death to investigate – and she’s positive the next one is murder.

How much trouble can five retired ladies get into when they’re playing detective? Find out in The Abandoned Wives and Widows Club.

Go to to download your copy.

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