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The Abandoned Wives and Widows club

I stared across the road at The Black Widows. They looked so confident, so happy. The fact they laughed most of the time when they were together was probably what irritated Jack most about them; they were obviously enjoying life without a man. Maybe it frightened him to think I might be able to live happily without him. We’d see, early days yet, however, I did decide I would have to go back to the Café Nouveau soon. Now I’d been careless enough, or lucky enough to have lost my husband, their example could be a good one to follow.

Lydia first reaction to her husband’s death was, ‘Thank goodness he’s gone . . . did I help him on his way?’ As she copes with his loss she makes new friends and finds she has more then Jack’s death to investigate – and she’s sure the next one is murder.

How much trouble can five retired ladies get into when they’re playing detective. Find out in The Abandoned Wives and Widows Club.

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