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About Dorothy

Dorothy Fletcher Theatre

Some of my earliest memories as a child in growing up in England are of the stories my mother read to my sister and I, the stories I made up, and the imaginative games my friends and I played. There are also the stories I told my parents when I was in trouble, but they form a different tale.

I grew up an avid reader. Then, when I became a teacher, I worked in schools situated in low socio-economic areas, and reading stories to children became an everyday activity. I gradually discovered that telling stories of my childhood and serial stories that I made up as I went along, reached many of the children who typically turned off at the sight of a book. It was inspirational.

Much later, I took writing courses and gradually began to learn the craft. By this time I had so many characters and plots running amuck in my brain, to avoid total insanity, I had to put these new children’s stories to paper.

As maturity started to settle around my bones new types of characters emerged. These were adults. Now, at an age where younger people think all carnal thoughts have long since fled, the characters were hunky, good looking, slightly dangerous but sensitive males, and assertive, independent and attractive females. Being a fan of all things adventurous and detective, I gravitated toward writing romantic suspense with a sizzle.

After a time of personal loss, a question came to me – what if your husband died, and the reaction was not of mourning, but the two main emotions were, "Thank goodness he’s gone at last," and a guilty suspicion that you might have helped him on his way? So, I delved into writing murder mystery with a giggle. 

These three very different genres co-exist within me and regularly scrap it out as to which one will have dominance for a time.

My other passion apart from my family and friends is musical theatre. I co-wrote a murder mystery for a fundraiser, and a new obsession was born.

Life is never boring.

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