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Deathly Greed. A romantic suspense novel by Dorothy M Fletcher

"The last thing Harry’s senses perceived were two dark shapes bending towards him, a sharp stinging in the crook of his left elbow, and a voice saying, ‘Enjoy your severance.’

As Harry plunged towards his eternal dark, the figures were busy removing all incriminating evidence from Harry’s car. Once they were sure it was clean they added a few clues for whoever investigated the sudden death of Harry Jameson. A couple of packets of white powder here and a used syringe and needle there. That should give even the most inefficient medical examiner a short cut to determining cause of death."

Laura feels as if her life is in the garbage. When Dan appears back in her life, her body betrays her by still harbouring feelings for the person she blames for many of her family’s troubles. Rumour has it that she has embezzled money from her work, and is mixed up in murder in her small town. Can she trust Dan enough to let him help her?

Go to for the links to buy this thrilling novel.

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