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48 Hour Madness

48 Hour Madness – Part One

No. Not a short-term mental breakdown due to too much brain work, but a 48 hour play festival – although I suppose agreeing to take part could give psychiatrists an argument for certification.

The idea was that the playwrights – for my group, me – were given a topic and several things that must be included on Friday evening and on Sunday evening the 10 minute play had to be performed at a local theatre with a paying audience.

Sounds mad – it was.

I spent most of Friday night and early hours of Saturday morning at the computer creating a masterpiece – well, at least it was 10 minutes long, on topic and included all the essential bits. My play was then submitted for approval at around 8 am Saturday morning. PHEW!!!!!!!

At about 11.00 we had our approval and the three actors and the director were sent copies to get a start on producing it. The writer’s job was supposed to be over – but seriously – could you let your baby out there without its mother? Besides which cuts were needed to meet the time limits – in the first draft I always find the longest way to say anything.

The worst job went to the actors. Less than 24 hours to learn 10 minutes of script – doesn’t sound much, but 10 minutes contains a lot of dialogue, movement, use of props and on it goes. Added to that, the time constraints were closely adhered to and there was only a small amount of leeway so the actors had to be consistent in their timing to get the play to meet this. Any play over or under the limits was automatically disqualified.

Despite everything, we had fun.

To be continued.

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