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Hard copy or ebook?

Hard copy or ebook, that is the question.

I have been asked many times which format I prefer for reading a


If I am sitting back relaxing, taking time out to enjoy a novel I will often read from a hard copy book. Part of the pleasure is in holding the novel, turning the pages, breathing in the aroma of a new book. Granted the aroma of an older book can be more interesting in many ways.

In a hard copy book I find it easier to locate a section of the novel that I wish to return to. Post-it notes and stickers are a quick visual reminder of the sections I wish to return to – maybe the author has used an interesting way of describing a scene or an action, perhaps they have successfully tackled an idea I have trouble with – like writing sex scenes – I find them incredibly difficult to write.

Using a Kindle or other e device, phone or computer have the advantage of being able to store many novels to satisfy my mood, which influences which genre to read. A Kindle or phone has the advantage of being easily portable, especially when travelling. I load up my Kindle and I am set for the trip. I haven’t tackled books on phones yet – for me at the moment that is a technology too far.

I find the main advantage of reading an ebook comes in the middle of a long restless night, these come more often as the years pile on. An easy way of stopping the brain rehashing the day’s problems is to read. When using a Kindle no bright light is needed. The background light of the device can be turned down and is enough to read by and doesn’t cause sore eyes.

An added advantage is that if I am reading a lengthy tome the Kindle stays the same weight – I need an efigure option, please – sorry diverting. Balancing "War and Peace" , in bed, lying on your side, trying to position it correctly to have enough light to read by, is almost impossible with a hard copy, easy with an ebook.

So, is it hard copy or ebook? It depends on what and when I’m reading.

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