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Murder, Suspense and Romance

Deathly Greed. A romantic suspense novel by Dorothy M Fletcher

“In her mind she could still hear the music in the distance as the others stripped to their undies and ran into the sea. She paddled in the shallows, splashing water over herself, holding hands with Dan. The weather was calm, the waves were small and the waters of the Pacific Ocean gently washed out the booze, smoke and sweat smells of the long night.

Dan had held her. They’d had a special few moments then Daisy had arrived and had immediately grabbed Dan, pulling him away from her. Laura retreated into herself and sat on the sand dunes watching the others lazily lying on the water, gently bobbing around with the waves, listening to Dan and Daisy’s arguing. “

Laura feels as if her life is in the garbage. When Dan appears back in her life, her body betrays her by still harbouring feelings for the person she blames for many of her family’s troubles. Rumour has it that she has embezzled money from her work, and is mixed up in murder in her small town. Can she trust Dan enough to let him help her?

Now published. Go to for links to buy this thrilling novel.

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