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Dog Dreaming

I sit here faced with a blank page and expecting myself to write something interesting. No. Nothing. What else can I do?

Well, I’ve checked my emails, gone through some Facebook posts, looked at the weather in Whitwick, England and, my favourite, watched a video of Burnese Mountain Dogs. They are gorgeous. The puppies look so cute and playful. I really fancy cuddling one of these soft, furry bundles. I wonder if Barnaby, my Maltese poodle cross, would like one as a playmate? I suspect he would. He adores other dogs.

I would love one.

Then when I look at the statistics for the breed, apart from the fact that they weigh as much as a teenager and probably eat twice as much, they only have a life expectancy of 6 – 8 years. Parting with a canine friend that quickly is something I wouldn’t want to cope with.

Next, you have to consider the fact that I live in a climate that is almost semi-tropical. It’s supposed to be Autumn now but last night only went down to 17°C after a day going up to 27°C. It is cooling a little – at least there are fewer 30°C plus days now and some cooler breaks between the heat – it’s late afternoon and only 24°C now. This is too hot for a dog breed for the Swiss Alps. Some people here have Huskies – gorgeous dogs, but even some winter days can be too hot for them, so Bernese Mountain Dogs are out of the question.

Unless I move to the mountains here. Not going to happen.

I suppose my two bedroom house is a little small for one, and I have no garden. Barnaby copes but he’s only 5 kgs as opposed to 50kgs. I love Barnaby and I like to think he loves me too.

Maybe he dreams of being bigger.

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