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Sparrows Versus Blackbirds

Thought for the day. How much does behaviour in birds give an insight to behaviour in humans?

I put some bread out for the birds this morning, carefully wetting it first so it doesn’t upset their tums. As usual, as soon as I went inside to watch through a window, the area was inundated by sparrows. They fought and squabbled, some flying off with pieces only to be followed by their mates. In the confusion it looked as though every bird was getting a feed, some more than others, but they all had something.

Then a large blackbird came. I thought that the sparrows’ breakfast time was ended. The large bird would take all the remainder.

I was wrong.

The blackbird spent all his or her time threatening the sparrows and trying to stop them eating. As soon as the blackbird was settled in one area the sparrows moved in behind and kept eating. The blackbird saw the sparrows eating so took off, swooped in and got rid of them.

This happened repeatedly until all the bread was gone.

In the process the sparrows ate all the bread; despite all its threatening the blackbird had nothing.

Do you know people like that? People who are so interested in stopping everyone else enjoying life, having fun, making a living, existing, that they fail to live life themselves.

Interesting thought.

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