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Deathly Inheritance

“Deathly Inheritance” is a romantic suspense novel by New Zealand writer Dorothy Fletcher.

“As his hand closed around the handle of a spade she shivered at the thought of those hands and what havoc they might reek if they were used against her body…

‘Stop it!’ she shouted at herself.

Fantasizing over a brute of a man when you’ve got a perfectly good one already – or so everyone says.

By the time she got to her mum’s house she was so engrossed in getting inside as quickly as possible so as not to embarrass herself any further, she didn’t notice the strange man on the opposite side of the street. He was bending down to tie his shoe lace, but his eyes never left Naomi until she shut the front door firmly behind her.”

Love, lust and danger intertwine around Naomi as she tries to start a new chapter of her life.

In order to have the love she must unravel the danger before more people close to her heart die.

“Deathly Inheritance” is set against a backdrop of an amateur production of a pirate musical.

But there are more pirates than the ones on stage.

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