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Deathly Inheritance

Deathly Inheritance” is a romantic suspense ebook by New Zealand writer Dorothy Fletcher.

“She was on the floor, a pain pumping in her side, her heart pounding with the shock. The trolley that had taken her out was looming over her.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ a male voice yelled. ‘There’s more than one person in this supermarket.’

He was huge, a mountain of a man. Naomi barely had time to register this much when a strong hand grabbed her arm and hauled her to her feet.”

Can love develop from such a painful start?

Naomi must decide between her safe, unremarkable boyfriend and a this new man with a girl-friend phobia who causes her pain each time they meet.. She also has to discover why people around her are dying.

“Deathly Inheritance” is set against a backdrop of an amateur production of a pirate musical.

But there are more pirates than the ones on stage.

Buy it at from your favourite ebook store.

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